April Parish News and Reflection

You can read the April parish newsletter here.

Dear Family and Friends of Church of Our Saviour:

As I write this letter the skies are grey and snow is falling. Despite the calendar assuring us it is Spring, Winter still casts its long shadow. Yet, if we look hard, the signs of change are breaking in. Tulips, daffodils, and crocus are poking their heads out of the snow. If we look hard, the trees have buds just waiting to wave in the new season.

This is the story of nature, and in this blessed season of Lent and Eastertide, this is the story of our God—life from death, light from darkness, and hope from despair. This pattern woven into the fabric of creation is seen most beautifully and dramatically in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Resurrection illuminates a reality often veiled by the course of daily life. Hate will not win. Separation will not stand. Death is not the final word. Hope is not in vain.

More than a system of holidays, beliefs, or rituals, the Christian faith is about proclaiming the Hope of Resurrection in the face of our darkest despair. We have been brought from death to life by the power of Christ’s Resurrection. In joy and sorrow, in health and sickness, in confidence and fear, in peace and division, this hope lives on.

God invites each of us to be messengers of hope. When we feed the hungry, pray for our enemies, accept people without condition, and love one another, we let the hope that is in us break through the icy ground welcoming God’s future of peace and unconquerable love.

I warmly invite you to celebrate the eternal hope of the Resurrection this Easter Morning, and through the special services of Holy Week. I also invite you to consider giving generously to our Easter Memorial Flower Donations and Festival Days Offering, assisting Church of Our Saviour to continue living out the reality of the Resurrection as we devote ourselves to the work Jesus started.


With joy and love,

The Reverend Rachael Pettengill-Rasure