Commissioning Our Marchers

Several COS parishioners will be marching in the upcoming Women’s March on Washington and Boston Women’s March. After our service today, we held a brief service of commissioning to bless them and pray  for them and these upcoming protests. Below is the text used.

Leader A: Will those who will be marching in Washington and Boston please stand and join hands?

The people do so.

Leader B: You who are members of this congregation have discerned a call to march for justice. You have been moved by the Spirit to protest and denounce bigotry in the name of Christ. Do you accept this call?

People: We do.

The people will respond to each of the following petitions with “Strengthen us, O God.”

Leader A: We pray, in the name of Our Lord, that the fires of your inner strength be stoked for this journey, for God has given you “a spirit of power and of love and of self-discipline”.

Leader B: We pray that you would join with all those gathering from every part of the land in mass prophetic witness and raise your voices against all forms of hatred and prejudice.

Leader A: We pray that as you may find yourself wearied by the journey, that you may find sustenance and rest, and that the Holy Spirit may comfort you in times of doubt.

Leader B: We pray for you, that amid tension, fear, and hostility, you may carry out this work you are called to do in grace and in safety and return to your homes and to this church in good health, full of the spirit of God.

Leader A & B: We bless you, servants of justice.