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Church Musician at Church of Our Saviour, Milton MA

We are looking for a musician to accompany our 10am Sunday service, primarily on the piano with occasional work on the organ as abilities and interest provide.

The duties involve:

+ practicing all hymns and service music, made available by the Rector on Tuesday AM
+ meeting the Rector at 9am Sunday to review the service
+ organizing a small pick-up choir or soloists to meet at 9:30am or after service, as needed

In addition to Sunday morning service, the musician will be hired to accompany extra services during Lent, Holy Week and Christmas.

In addition, the musician will generally be offered right of first refusal for weddings, funerals or other community services that take place at Church of Our Saviour, subject to the discretion of the Rector.

Compensation for a standard Sunday is $200 firm.

About our Church of Our Saviour

We are a diverse, neighborhood Episcopal church. We worship God through formal liturgy, impromptu prayer, and our work in the world. The Sunday morning worship service is the heart and soul of our shared life together.

Our services are a blend of traditional Episcopal liturgy and an informal “move with the Spirit” style of worship informed by the Gospel or “low church” tradition. We use both traditional and gospel hymns, and occasionally we burst into unaccompanied song whenever the Spirit moves us. We encourage the congregation to participate in the liturgy in a variety of ways through Scripture reading, serving as Acolytes and Lay Eucharistic Ministers, joining our informal choir, participating in the Psalm Drummers, or offering other special music. Children of all ages are welcome to participate as full members of the community.


Our organ is an 11-rank custom pipe organ by Steve Hermes, a boutique organ builder in the Boston area. It is currently maintained by Dick Pelland. The tonal palette of the organ is surveyed at this link.

Our piano is a turn-of-the-century 4’11” Hallet & Davis, unrestored, but well maintained. It is voiced very brightly, and in the resonant sanctuary it requires a judicious and careful touch even with the lid closed.

The Psalm Drummers, led by parishioner Ann Hunt, is a pickup group of children and adults that hold an African-style drum-circle, periodically playing in the worship service.

Personal Attributes Desired

  • Knowledge of sacred music, hymns, gospel music, world music, piano and organ repertoire, and willingness to learn Episcopal liturgical practices
  • Performance experience and improvisational skills
  • Experience directing pick-up choirs that include people with limited musical literacy
  • Must be comfortable with unpolished work, and able to teach with generosity
  • Works well with children
  • Integrity, kind & caring personality, works well with others, patient, positive attitude and good listening skills
  • Able to communicate with Rector during liturgy, and to pay attention to the needs of the congregation in order to support their singing
  • Willing to “let the congregation go” when the Spirit moves them to sing extemporaneously and unaccompanied

To apply, please send resume to