Summer 2017 Courageous Conversations events

July Gathering

Monday, July 31 from 7:00 PM to 9:00PM

Church of Our Saviour at 453 Adams Street, Milton

Read “Waking Up White” by Debbie Irving and then come to the book discussion on July 31. According to Ms. Irving “Waking Up White is the book I wish someone had handed me decades ago. My hope is that by sharing my sometimes cringe-worthy struggle to understand racism and racial tensions, I offer a fresh perspective on bias, stereotypes, manners, and tolerance. As I unpack my own long-held beliefs about colorblindness, being a good person, and wanting to help people of color, I reveal how each of these well-intention mindsets actually perpetuated my ill-conceived ideas about race. I also explain why and how I’ve changed the way I talk about racism, work in racially mixed groups, and understand the racial justice movement as a whole”. Light refreshments will be provided.

August Gathering

Tuesday, August 15 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Parkway Methodist Church at 158 Blue Hills Parkway, Milton

Join neighbors and friends for jazz music performed by Milton High School Jazz Ensemble “False Lighting”. The concert will be held in the church outdoor courtyard so bring picnic blankets and/or chairs. If it rains we will move indoors. Please bring a dessert or non-alcoholic beverage to share with fellow attendees.